‘She’s Not Sorry For Saying It, She’s Sorry She Got Caught’: Influencer Forgets To Edit Racial Slur Out Of Youtube Video, Sparking Debate

A social media influencer went viral on TikTok after she allegedly forgot to edit out a racial slur on one of her YouTube videos.

The TikTok calling her out was uploaded by user Angelika Oles (@angelikaoles) where she reveals that the TikTok influencer was Jordan Beckham (@jordanbeckham_). In the TikTok, Oles states how Beckham did a “massive oopsie” by forgetting to edit a YouTube video with Beckham saying a racial slur, using the “hard N-word.”

The video in question has been deleted but it seems viewers managed to save it while it was up. Oles shares a screen recording of the YouTube clip posted on the Instagram account @teatoktalk. In the short clip, Beckham is seen with a couple of friends. The three were laughing and although their voices were coherent, the N-word Beckham utters is censored.

The video amassed 2.2 million views as of Friday where viewers were confused on how Beckham could use the N-word so easily.

“Literally WHY is this such a big problem?? like why is everyone doing this? how hard is it to take ONE word out of your vocabulary,” one viewer asked.

“I don’t get how people have this word in their vocabulary it never even crosses my mind to use it ?? so sad,” a second wrote.

“Like I won’t even mouth that word if it’s a lyric and I’m alone in my car let alone ever say it out loud,” a third said.

According to other viewers, this isn’t the first time Beckham has said racial slurs.

“She was exposed for something like this before too,” one person shared.

“She was exposed of this before on a party bus! It was back in like 2020,” a second stated.

“Not only did she say it once but she said it again,” a third commented.

At least one other TikTok influencer seems to corroborate this. User Tara Lynn (@taraswrld) posted a video in 2021 saying that the creators part of the content house Society Las Vegas were racist. She claims she and some of those creators, which included Beckham, shared a party bus once.

Tara says how while on the party bus, the members were spewing the N-word left and right and she couldn’t believe it.

“All of them just spitting it out like it’s nothing. And I’m sitting back like, the nerve! The fucking nerve! So my drunk ass got up and screamed in their face,” she says. She claims “the blonde one” claimed she had “black friends” so she’s “not racist.” Tara says this led her to continuously tell her to “shut up.” Members of the Society Las Vegas denied these claims, but the drama caused member Karina Prieto to leave, according to Dexerto.

As for Beckham, the backlash led her to post an apology video which Oles shared a snippet of on TikTok. The clip was screen recorded from Beckham’s Instagram story where she claimed to “apologize from the bottom of her heart.” She apologized for the “pain and the hurt she has caused” for using an “offensive, hateful, ugly word.” In addition, she apologized for “not being more educated.”

However, many TikTokers took her apology with a grain of salt, especially since she posted it on a platform that would disappear after 24 hours.

“I fully don’t understand how you aren’t educated enough about what that word means at her age in 2022 she obviously knew she just didn’t care until others saw her for who she truly was,” a top comment read on Oles’ TikTok.

“I don’t believe a single word,” another wrote.

One user wrote, “She’s not sorry for saying it she’s sorry she’s got caught.”

Beckham rose to fame through the popular lip-syncing app, Musical.ly. After gaining a large following, she switched to Instagram where she posted more lip-syncing and fashion videos. She has over 723,000 Instagram followers, 3.9 million TikTok followers, and 140,000 YouTube subscribers.

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