Jogger Who Found Baby Buried Alive In Shallow Grave Solves Mystery Haunting Her For 20 Years

In 1998, Azita Milanian and her dogs went for a jog up and around the hiking trails of Altadena, California. Suddenly, one of her dogs began sniffing and scratching at a particular patch of dirt.

Azita curiously approached the spot of ground and couldn't believe her eyes. There, sticking out of what could only be described as a shallow dirt grave, were two teeny-tiny feet.

Azita dug into the soil until she found herself cradling a newborn baby boy. He was wrapped in a blanket and his umbilical cord was attached. He was suffocating on the dirt and clinging to life.

After a few terrifying moments, the newborn grabbed her wrist and stopped crying. She immediately called 911.

Officers from the Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department arrived and rushed the baby to the hospital. He recovered and was eventually adopted.

The years passed by, and Azita was continuously haunted by the experience. She tried to track the baby down many times over the years to see what came of him. She prayed to one day see him again … but to no avail.

Then one day, a producer from On Air with Ryan Seacrest heard the unbelievable story — and 20 years to the day of the baby's rescue, a miracle reunion occurred.

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