Jessie James Decker Slams Fans Who Accused Her of Photoshopping Abs on Her Kids

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Jessie James Decker has hit back at accusations that she photoshopped an image of her children during a recent family vacation.

The 34-year-old US country singer recently enjoyed a family getaway in Mexico over the Thanksgiving holiday.

Like many people, the 'Boys In The Summer' singer took to Instagram to share several photos of her family enjoying their vacation, with husband Eric Decker and kids Vivianne, eight, Eric Jr., seven, and Forrest, four, all soaking up the Mexican sun.

However, a couple of Jessie's posts raised a few eyebrows with her followers, as people couldn't help but notice just how "ripped" and "shredded" her children appeared in the snaps.
Jessie James Decker . Credit: REUTERS / Alamy
In one post, the three children can be seen posing at the beach, with the caption reading: "Vacation Decker style", along with 'muscle arm', 'coconut', and 'palm tree' emojis.

"Tanned and shredded. Love it," commented former American football long snapper Lonie Paxton.

"How jacked are these lil stud muffins," wrote former American football wide receiver Julian Edelman.

And food expert and presenter Jack Arnold commented: "Can they give me their workout routine please?"

However, not everybody was impressed by the family's lean physiques, with one Instagram user slamming mom Jessie, writing: "I’m sorry but this isn’t normal, I don’t care how clean and how much sports they do." Another social media user added: "I find this so strange."

Others even accused the mom of editing the pictures. "No the middle part color doesn’t match the rest of their bodies," one person wrote. "Surely this is an app but I don’t see anyone saying as much," added another.

Clearly unimpressed by the comments she was receiving, it wasn't long before the doting mom took to the comments section to put her critics in their place.

In her replies, the 'I Still Love You' singer explained that her children are very healthy and active, with daughter Vivianne enjoying gymnastics and all the children enjoying a diet of homecooked meals (with chicken and steak being their particular favorites.)

Per, Jessie wrote in another reply: "From one mother to another. Please don’t call my children’s appearance strange just because they don’t look the way you think they should? It’s unkind️."

And responding directly to an Instagram user who accused her of using an editing app on the photo, the singer wrote: "Yeah I used an ‘ab’ app on my small children wtf."

Fortunately, there were many comments from fans who were quick to defend the mom, writing that her children were simply healthy and active children.

"People so surprised seeing a child who eats well and exercises," one person quipped.

A second added: "My son has had a 6 pack since he was 8. He plays hockey, football and baseball. This is what happens when Children are fit and physically active."

Personally, I'd happily let the Decker family adopt me any day!

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