Jason Momoa Bares His Butt Again Wearing Only Hawaiian Malo: 'Welcome to My Ohana'

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Jason Momoa has - once again - stunned us all after he bared his butt in a traditional Hawaiian malo.

The 43-year-old Hawaiian native posted a carousel of photos and videos of himself on Instagram along with martial artist Gordon King Ryan and his partner, Sonny.

Writing alongside his post, Momoa said: "Had the pleasure of meeting these two badasses gordon and sonny. @gordonlovesjiujitsu we laughed and drank and they choked us all out. It was amazing. Welcome to my ohana. Can’t wait to see u again my friends safe travels. And goodluck [sic] world he’s gonna stay KING aloha j."

While most of the pictures and videos showed off some awesome fighting skills, there was one particular shot that got a lot of people talking.

Check out Momoa in the clip below:

The post contained a video showing the Aquaman star and his friend dressed in traditional Hawaiian malos, all while showing off their impressive collection of tattoos.

"So my new bro, he's fully Hawaiian now," Momoa says. "He got tatted, he's got his malo on, we got him drinking mananalu."

"He's full local now, look at that," Momoa continued, laughing with Ryan as they turn to show off their behinds while taking sips of their drinks and admiring the greenery. "Appreciate that view, bro - see how good that view is?"

You can hear the person behind the camera joke: "Look, it's the sun and the moon" as the men continue to flash their rear ends at the camera.

Of course, fans weren't complaining.

"Where’s a gust of wind when you need it," questioned one excited user.

"Damn I never zoomed in that close before on my phone," added another. This comes just over a week after Momoa appeared on an episode of the Jimmy Kimmel show, where he gave viewers another cheeky look at his traditional attire.

Momoa appeared on the late-night talk show to promote his latest film, Slumberland, and during his segment, he decided to give viewers a little more than they bargained for.

After discussing a different Instagram post in which the actor had his derriere on show, he tells Kimmel that he's involved in a show where he constantly sports a malo.

"I'm doing a show. I'm a creator and writer and director and producer on this Apple series called Chief of War and it's all 1780s, 1790s Hawaii. That's what I wear every day. I was just getting ready for the role and I like to get into character and so I was tanning my white a**," Momoa said.

He goes on to say: "I actually don't like wearing clothes anymore."

Kimmel then asks Momoa if he's wearing one under his clothes right now to which the Hawaiian native replies, "of course" and just to prove he's not lying, he gets up out of his seat and strips down until his butt cheeks are on display.

He even gives the audience a little twirl - much to their delight.

If the actor's words are anything to go by, I'm sure we'll be seeing a few more snapshots of Momoa on his Instagram soon...

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