‘My Manager Would Always Tell Us About Who Would Call HR And What They Would Say… Weeks Later Those Individuals Would Get Fired’: Worker Claims HR Shared Her Concerns With Her Manager

A woman on TikTok says that after she complained about a work issue to her human resources department, the HR employee told her manager all the personal details.

The woman, named Ana (@enticingly_latina), posted a video Wednesday mockingly laughing at the company.

“When you tell HR your manager is bullying you, promises to help and as soon as you turn your back, they tell your manager everything you just told them in private,” the video’s on-screen text says. In the video’s caption, Ana adds, “Happens every time.”

The TikTok video garnered mixed reactions, but most commenters seemed to believe that HR does not truly care for or operate for a company’s employees.

“HR, is not there for you. They are there to protect the company from you,” one viewer commented.

“HR is never for the employees sadly,” a second viewer commented.

A third wrote, “Exactly why I don’t talk to hr cuz they aren’t there for you they are there for the company.”

The video seems to allude to a previous incident outlined by the creator. As the Daily Dot previously reported, she “lists the alleged abuse from her manager, including ‘disregarding’ doctor’s notes after her gallbladder surgery, making ‘fatphobic jokes,’ and greeting all other employees except for [her].”

Other TikTok users shared the experiences they had had with the HR departments at their companies.

“My manager would always tell us about who would call HR and what they would say… weeks later those individuals would get fired,” one user said.

Another user wrote, “I laughed when my HR person asked why I didn’t come to her. I told her she has no power. She didn’t like that.”

Multiple other users commented that they always reach out to HR via email rather than speaking in person—that way, everything is in writing in case an issue arises.

Some viewers tried to defend HR departments, though.

One viewer commented, “So how exactly would you like HR to resolve your issue if we don’t look into it?”

In reply to that comment, Ana shared another video, claiming that HR never resolves or investigates issues.

“We know damn well HR does not resolve issues and does not investigate,” Ana says in the video. “No, what you all do is you all go, you tell the manager everything we said, you all have a good laugh about it, you go out for drinks and then you plot how you’re gonna get rid of that employee that is now becoming problematic for calling bullshit out.”

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