‘Just Leave It At The Store If You Can’t Afford It’: Customer Shares Unethical Hack To Getting Deal At HomeGoods, Sparking Debate

A TikTok recently shared a “hack” with viewers for getting cheaper items at HomeGoods.

The short video—uploaded to the platform by user @mayrelissx—shows the user covering a $130 price tag with a discounted $70 one.

A voiceover in the background says, “Yep; and, you’re going to jail.” So far, @mayrelissx’s video has over 2.8 million views and just over 1,000 comments.

@mayrelissx seemingly partook in a behavior commonly known as “price tag switching”—or, tampering with an item’s price tag in order to buy it for less than its marked price. The opposite is true, too. In some states, like Texas, where the practice is illegal, price tag switching could also entail trying to return an item for more money than it was purchased for.

It’s not clear from @mayrelissx’s TikTok whether she lives in a state where this is against the law. Some online reports, however, claim that people who do this risk jail time or a financial penalty.

Indeed, a handful of users tried to warn @mayrelissx that she was playing with fire.

“Uhmmm, as someone who worked at HomeGoods, you just got lucky,” reads one comment. “They are [supposed] to check the back at the coding to make sure the prices line up.”

“Just leave it at the store if you can’t afford it,” another commenter wrote.

Other commenters, however, were on-board with @mayrelissx’s “hack.” A number even said that they’d be willing to try the same tactic in order to get a “deal.”

“Thank you [for] the idea,” reads a third comment. “HomeGoods, I’ll be seeing you tomorrow.”

“Could’ve went even lower, rookie,” says another viewer.

“I’m inspired. I’ll definitely be saving this for later,” wrote another commenter.

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