Shocking Moment Husband Smashes Cake Into Bride's Face On Wedding Day

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What better way to celebrate a couple's romance than by bringing a white dress, a tiered wedding cake, and a bunch of single hopefuls waiting to catch the bride's bouquet all together under one roof? Weddings really are the stuff of fairytales.

Though, not all weddings go so smoothly. In fact, netizens recently appear to be divided over a certain wedding in particular that has now gone viral on TikTok, after it showed the moment a husband smashed cake into his bride's face in front of their guests.

The video, which has reached over 190,000 views and garnered more than 3,000 likes, shows Jade Kennedy and her husband on what is meant to be the happiest day in any couple's lives.

"It's official we're mr and mrs price [...] he got me back for doing it to him good and propa [...] love my a***hole of a husband all the world [sic]," her clip's caption reads.

In the viral TikTok, Jade's husband, David, is shown marching across the dance floor and over to a table where their tiered wedding cake stands, before slicing off a piece of cake and turning to face his bride, who backs away into a corner. David then squishes the cake into the side of Jade's face as she falls to the ground - all while a viral TikTok song with the words: "Oh no, oh no, oh no no no no no" plays in the background.

While the guests at the wedding cheered and laughed, many viewers commented on the video, which has been shared across numerous platforms as a result of incredibly divided opinions.

"I don't see nothing fun about this. She is on the ground with cake all over her dress, he didn't even help her clean up it was awkward it looks intimidating and no doubt he's abusive," one person commented.

Another person continued: "Sometimes abuse isn't recognised as abuse because it's widely accepted in some circles. Nonetheless this isn't funny or sweet it's abuse !! It was done with force not with humor."

Someone else chose to take issue with the apparent wasting of food, writing: "I don't care about her in this situation, she knew who she was marrying. What irks me is when people play with food like that in general. Bad manners, simply disgusting. Y'all need to live through some tough times, I swear."

Though, not everyone saw the TikTok in a negative light. "Or maybe it's both their humor and they are having fun. She did trip too making it look worse as well people need to lighten up," one user said.

"I've seen things like this all over the internet, it's nothing new and the Couples are always ok afterwards normally. So it's not really news worthy or noteworthy," another person added.

Given the polarized opinions from netizens, Jade has since disabled the comments section. Either way, it seems her wedding day will be an experience she won't forget!

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