‘No Need To Do A Mouse Jiggler’: Career Coach Shares Hack On How To Stay ‘Active’ On Microsoft Teams When Working From Home

In a viral video, TikToker and career coach Sho Dewan (@workhap) shared hacks on how to appear active 24/7 on Slack and Microsoft Teams. His hack utilizes Google Slides, Zoom, and YouTube.

The video has over 31,300 views.

In the original video that Dewan stitched, @saraaawright made a video that said, “POV: when Microsoft Teams shows you as ‘away’ after five minutes of inactivity but you need to take your afternoon nap.”

She proceeded to put a bottle of nail polish on her keyboard to imitate using the keys.

Dewan said a popular way to appear active is to use Google Slides and present as a slideshow.

“Another easy way is to go on Zoom and do a meeting with yourself,” he says in a follow-up video. “Another one is to just go into any YouTube video that has [the] live [option] and it’s just gonna be looping over and over.”

The third suggestion from Dewan is to go to QuickTime Player, go to ‘file’, and click ‘new screen recording.’

In the comments section, users shared that the hacks weren’t working for them.

“It actually doesn’t work on Slack,” one user said. “Specifically the slideshow one, haven’t tested YouTube.”

“Tried the slideshow one. Didn’t work for teams,” another commented.

“You’re fired,” a third user said.

One user provided another hack.

“Download teams on a tablet or old phone. Keep teams up. Set phone/tablet to never sleep while plugged up. Plug phone/tablet up. Then relax,” they said.

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