‘Walking Past Ur Table Wondering Why Their Order Isn’t Ready Yet’: Worker Makes Tiktok About Tables That Need A ‘Few Minutes’ To Order

One TikToker is poking light at the struggle servers go through when giving a table time to check out the menu before they order.

In a recent video viewed more than 900,000 times, user @thewalmart.kid videos himself sitting down mindlessly folding napkins then abruptly remembering a table he was assigned that “needed a few minutes to order.” He pauses, and then the next clip shows him frantically rushing and writing on the pad on his hand while using the TikTok “quick speed” effect.

“The worst is when the meal [comes out] is before the [appetizer],” @thewalmart.kid captioned his video.

Some guidance for servers recommends waiting four to five minutes after guests are seat to take their meal orders, while drinks should be ordered within around 90 seconds.

Many commenters on @thewalmart.kid’s video seemed to relate to his experience.

“Walking past [your] table wondering why their order isnt ready yet and [you] realize [you] never put it in,” one person commented. @thewalmart.kid responded, “RUNS BACK SO FAST I’m always like sorry the cooks are working on it.”

“I’m always the table that needs a few more minutes,” another commenter said. “That’s why I started to look at the menu before going into the restaurant lol.”

One person said they once gave a table their meal before the appetizer, and they were tipped $4 in quarters.

“At that point we calling the police,” @thewalmart.kid said.

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