Florida Firefighter Risks His Life To Save Girlfriend In Fiery Crash With Fuel Tanker

Bryan Aparicio and his girlfriend, Su, were in an Uber on their way to a relaxing cruise getaway when another car swerved into a fuel tanker's lane, according to Local 10. The tanker overturned and caught fire.
While trying to avoid the crash, the couple's Uber driver hit a median wall, according to the Miami Herald.

Aparicio, a firefighter with Broward Sheriff Fire Rescue, is being celebrated as a hero after he jumped into action to save his girlfriend's life.

"The vehicle was immediately immobilized and instantaneously inundated with flames," Aparicio's coworkers from Station 10 at Fort Lauderdale Hollywood International Airport explained on a GoFundMe page for the couple.

The car was caught in between a concrete barrier and a wall of flames. Jason Smith, president of the Broward County Professional Firefighters and Paramedics Association, told People that when the couple "came to," Aparicio tried both his and his girlfriend's door and realized they were trapped.

"He doesn't recall this, but what ends up transpiring is he ends up knocking out a window out of the back seat so they can get out," Smith told the outlet.

As Aparicio exited the vehicle, he heard his girlfriend screaming behind him and realized she wasn't following him out. He immediately turned around and put his head and arms back through the window to lift her out. In doing so, he burned his hands, arms, legs, and face.

"It happened in a split second," Smith told the Miami Herald.

"So what he instantaneously did, through all that fire, he just went ahead and sacrificed essentially everything that he had of his life to make sure that she could get out," added Smith. "He's a real hero."

According the the Miami Herald, the couple were both taken to the hospital in critical condition with serious burn injuries.

"Bryan suffered second and third-degree burns," colleagues wrote on the GoFundMe page. His girlfriend "suffered second and third-degree burns on both of her legs and hands."

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