‘They Really Let Me Work An Hour’: Waffle House Worker Says She Was Fired An Hour Into Shift, Sparking Debate

Firing an employee can be a delicate process, and one that frequently has no great way of turning out, but one TikToker’s video about how her former job handled things is opening a discussion about wasting people’s time.

Brooke (@brookeisrage) posted a video this week showing herself dancing and flipping off the camera while still in her work uniform—for a job that fired her earlier that day.

“So Waffle House fired me today after 5 months of service,” she wrote.

Her caption elaborated, noting, “They really let me work a hour then told me I was fired.”

Asking an employee to work for a small amount of time when management presumably already knows they are going to fire them that same day is undoubtedly something most beneficial to the company.

With a service industry job, it seems possible they needed an extra worker to cover a busy time of the day and held off on letting Brooke know her time with Waffle House had come to an end after their own needs for the day had been met.

It sounds like a frustrating position to be in, and viewers commiserated, while offering up their own opinions on the situation.

“it’s bc most places have to fire while on the clock,” @jurneehawkins suggested. “I b like this a waste of time idc bout all that let me know soon as i walk in.”

“If they were short they would have waited til end of shift,” @goodtimes_69 added.

A few others joked about how difficult it is to be fired from Waffle House, which is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and presumably requires a good number of employees at each location to keep running at that rate.

Brooke later elaborated that she may have been fired for not showing up to work over the weekend.

“But they are in no situation to fire ppl,” she added.

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