‘Loved My Time There’: Lyft Employee Let Go Amid Tech Industry Layoffs Had Only Just Opened Welcome Package

A tech employee who shared their welcome package on TikTok says they were laid off from the company just three days later, highlighting a spate of recent layoffs at large tech companies like Amazon, Lyft, and Twitter.

In the TikTok, posted Nov. 4, creator Brittany Yeh (@brittanyyeh) duets a video of herself posted 3 days prior. In the older video on the right side of the screen, Yeh says, “I started at Lyft a few months ago, but I guess they’re just sending my welcome package now, so I figured I’d open it up with you.” On the left side of the screen, Yeh gestures as if in shock or denial as she watches her past self excitedly prepare to open her package. The text overlay reads, “not me posting my welcome package for my tech job just to get laid off 3 days later LOL.”

Yeh wrote in the comments section that she has nothing but love for the company and wishes it well despite being fired.

“Thank you everyone reaching out! I only have love for Lyft. Loved my time there and wish everyone the best,” she wrote. Yeh also attached a follow-up video to the comment in which she explains that she had been working for Lyft since March, and she believes that she had not received the package sooner because one of the items typically included in the package was out of stock.

Some viewers joked that the package she received from her former employer accidentally ended up being a goodbye package, given her layoff.

“That was your goodbye package,” one commenter wrote.

“Not the welcome package turning to a farewell package,” another commented.

Others offered possible reasons for the layoffs currently wiping through certain industries.

“Some companies [were] hiring for the holidays expecting high volume but unfortunately it has not picked up so we can expect a lot of lay off,” one commenter wrote.

“There’s a huge lay off and hiring freeze right now unfortunately,” a second wrote. “Sorry to hear and wish you luck on your search. I work for a large staffing firm.”

“To be honest Lyft and a bunch of other companies that IPO-ed peak pandemic are having a terrible time plus the recession,” another offered.

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