‘I Was Fired For Saying No’: Worker Says He Was Fired From Bloomingdale’s For Refusing To Sleep His Boss

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an issue that many women report facing, but a TikToker going viral for sharing his story about allegedly being fired for refusing to have sex with his boss is proving that it’s not only a gendered issue.

The man, who’s reportedly a former Bloomingdale’s employee, posted a video, which shows him arguing with a man who’s refusing him access to a room labeled “corporate services.”

The video was uploaded by TikTok user @mrbest505 and contains a caption giving more alleged context. It reads: “I was fired for saying no, this isn’t something i would talk about publicly as a man bcus of ‘masculinity’ expectations but i can’t keep quiet.”

The TikToker posted a follow-up video, which shows him talking to the people inside the room, asking for contacts to HR and corporate, to which a woman responds: “You have to call someone, I don’t know.” He then asks for further instructions, and another woman starts talking. The video abruptly ends.

Accompanying the video is an overlay text that reads, “@bloomingdales refusing to let me speak to Coperate & H.R soo i can’t report my boss firing me for not sleeping with him,” along with the caption which says, “Help me make this go viral, i was fired for not havin a seggual relationship with my department’s boss at @bloomingdales.”

The original TikTok was posted on Oct. 15, and it accumulated over 655,800 views.

In the comments section, viewers offered advice on how the TikToker should handle the alleged misconduct.

“File a complaint with EEOC & lawyer up immediately,” one commenter said.

“I just learned this in my first employment reading over my company’s guidelines. This is Quid Pro Quo. Get a lawyer and sue ASAP,” another commenter claimed.

“‘Corporate services’ and they don’t know how to contact corporate? Yeahhhhh it’s so obvious what they’re doing,” a third commenter added.

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