‘Fillet O Fish With OJ? I Hope The CIA Saw That’: McDonald’s Billboard Exposes Customer’s Orders

A viral TikTok video that shows a McDonald’s billboard allegedly exposing customer orders has some viewers cracking jokes about the unusual combos.

A McDonald’s worker (@mcdonalds_hacks101) posted the TikTok video with the on-screen caption, “You can’t say you didn’t see your order on the screen.”

In the video, the Times Square billboard shows two customer orders. One of the orders asks for two medium fries with extra salt. The other requests one Filet-O-Fish with one orange juice.

“Yo, when McDonald’s has the biggest billboard in Times Square and they show your order,” the TikToker says. As of Tuesday, the video reached 2.8 million views on TikTok.

Multiple viewers had a personal issue with the second order on the McDonald’s billboard. They couldn’t believe anyone would order an orange juice with their Filet-O-Fish.

“FISH FILET WITH OJ!?! JAIL,” one viewer commented in all caps.

“filet o fish and orange juice is super villan food,” a second viewer commented.

A third said, “fillet o fish with OJ? i hope the CIA saw that [skull emoji].”

“Nah this does people wrong [skull emoji] fish burger with orange juice,” a fourth wrote.

Others commented about the fries with extra salt, saying McDonald’s fries already come with plenty of salt.

“Who gets fries just to add more salt [laughing emoji],” one user asked.

“Who gets their fries extra salted?!?!?!” another viewer said.

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