Fans Praise Drew Barrymore And Cameron Diaz For 'Ageing With Grace' In New Photo

Whatever fantastic youth elixir Drew Barrymore and Cameron Diaz are drinking... we want the recipe!
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Fans have adored the long-time friends ever since they first starred in the Charlie's Angels reboots in 2000 and 2003. Fortunately for us, the two stars continued their adorable friendship over the next 20+ years.

Now 47-year-old Barrymore and 50-year-old Diaz have taken to Instagram to promote their new Merlot-themed products. -

However, it wasn't the wine fans were thankful to see, but rather that both actors were "aging with grace."
Barrymore and Diaz first starred together in the Charlie's Angels reboots in 2000 and 2003, continuing their adorable friendship over the next 20-odd years. Credit: dpa picture alliance / Alamy
Earlier this week, Barrymore posted two images of the pair embracing and laughing, captioning the images: "In honor of our Merlot drops this week." The ET star tagged Diaz in the post, as well as their respective lifestyle brands - kitchenware company Beautiful by Drew, and Diaz's alcohol label, Avaline.

Fans took to the comments section of Barrymore's Instagram to thank the pair for aging so gracefully (rather than follow the unrealistic trend of cosmetic surgery that many stars choose).

One person commented: "The beauty of [seeing] faces with wrinkles. It's being a little hard to me to accept my growing aging signs, but then, you see these beautiful women embracing their age... and I love it!"
Another fan agreed, replying: "It's true beauty: women who love themselves just as they are, and you're right, it is glorious to see."
A third user chimed in, writing: "Thank you both for aging with grace. What great role models for women of all ages! I appreciate you!"
The stunning photos were in September of 2021 when the two friends reunited. But, fortunately for us, they have since teamed up for the following hilarious sketch to promote their wine range:

Both women have been very vocal about coming to terms with the inevitability of aging.

Speaking to Vogue earlier this year, Diaz revealed: "The last thing I think about on a daily basis, maybe not at all during the day, is what I look like."

The Mask star continued: "It's toxic. It's like, 'Why am I sitting here being so mean to myself? My body is strong; my body is capable, why am I going to talk down to it when its carried me this far?'"
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And when it comes to how she intended to age, the mom-of-one said: "I don't want it to be about what I look like. I literally do nothing. I have billions of products that I use twice a month if I'm lucky."

Barrymore, who is a mom to two young daughters, told New Beauty in 2019: "I'm now determined more than ever to show my daughters that aging is a luxury. If we're lucky, we are all going to age. I just want them to be at peace with who they are and not what they look like. If they are good, cool people, that's all I care about."

Word! This pair definitely know how to age gracefully... maybe the wine has something to do with it? (For my sake, I certainly hope it does.)

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