‘This Is Why Take All My Breaks In My Car’: Worker Makes Video On Co-worker Who Tries To Talk To Him During His Lunch Break

A TikToker’s video about his co-worker who bothered him while he was on his lunch break has sparked a discussion among viewers who would also like to be left alone.

In the video, poster @thekillakay_ creates a faux scenario in which a co-worker is telling him about the bad things that have been happening in their life while he is trying to eat a sandwich during his lunch break. After he finishes his sandwich, the poster tells his hypothetical co-worker that he is on his lunch break and “just trying to chill.”

Some viewers shared that they truly dislike having co-workers interrupt their lunch breaks while at work.

“This is why I eat and takes all my breaks in my car.. cause hell naw,” one commenter wrote.

“They be telling their whole life story while I be eating, all I want is peace and quiet,” another wrote.

“They give you their whole life story and you just wanna sit there and listen to music,” a third said.

Others shared they’ve had similar experiences, and their polite attempts at letting the person know that they preferred their quiet time went ignored.

“It’s always the one person who can’t pick up on body language/facial expressions,” another said.

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