‘It Slaps’: Dunkin’ Worker Shows Off New Pancake Wake-Up Wrap To Widespread Acclaim

Workers at a Dunkin’ Donuts in DeLand, Florida, showed how to make the new-for-November Pancake Wake-Up Wrap in a now-viral TikTok. The menu item sparked rare, widespread social media acclaim.

In the video posted by @springgardunkin on Tuesday, a worker shows themselves assembling the new breakfast item with a pancake, half of an egg, bacon, and a slice of American cheese before placing it in the oven.

The caption reads, “Be on the lookout for this new delicious breakfast item! combining some of your favorite breakfast items to make a yummy wrap!”

The video has reached over 97,400 views as of Wednesday, with commenters sharing their excitement about the new menu item.

“I made one with the maple bacon today to try it, it slaps. Definitely need that syrup tho,” one user wrote.

“This was so majestic,” another said.

The Pancake Wake-Up Wrap is available in stores starting today, according to a news release from Dunkin’ Donuts.

“That pancake it self SLAPS,” added one apparently satisfied eater. The sandwich could become majorly popular because to the untrained eye, it’s a new product that replaces a breakfast taco’s flour tortilla with a gooey pancake. Think about the novelty of the McGriddle when it debuted in 2003, another fast food sandwich that replaces bread with a pancake, which became an ever-present McDonald’s go-to.

In actuality, this product is a take on the “pancake breakfast taco,” the kind of collective good idea that’s been popular online via recipes and how-to YouTube clips since at least 2013.

The new pancake offering from Dunkin’ may deter from some less-savory viral headlines that the chain recently produced: Just last month, social media users blasted baristas for botching mobile drink orders, derided the not-as-advertised results of seasonal donuts, and filmed gnats hovering all over the product.

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