‘I Don’t Want A Cup Of Milk. I Want A Chai Latte’: Dunkin’ Customer Calls Out Lack Of Consistency In Drinks

A Dunkin’ customer went viral on TikTok after calling out the coffee chain for frequent inconsistencies in their product regardless of location.

The video features user Jamie (@problematictwink) as he sits in his car after a disappointing Dunkin’ trip.

“They really need to change the name of Dunkin’ Donuts to Dunkin’ roulette or something,” Jamie says then dives right into his story of how anytime he goes to Dunkin’, it’s a “hit or miss.”

He explains that he orders the same drink each time he goes to Dunkin’, an iced chai latte, but it’s always a “hit or a miss.” He then shows the cup he received that day, filled with a milky substance that he claims is devoid of chai.

“I don’t want a cup of milk. I want a chai latte,” he says. “Don’t give me a cup of fucking milk!”

Jamie reinforces this in the caption, writing, “i dont want a cup of milk.”

The video has garnered over 16,000 views since it was posted Nov. 9, with many viewers agreeing with Jamie’s take.

“it’s not even that. it’s the fact that u can go to the exact same location daily and get a diff drink every time lol,” one viewer wrote.

“I’ve ordered 3 iced latest with 5 pumps of white chocolate at the same time and they all tasted different. there is zero consistency,” another echoed.

“i get the same thing every time and it tastes different every time,” a third agreed.

Others shared their experiences with Dunkin’s blunders.

“Reminds me of the time I ordered a matcha latte at a cafe, & they just put 4 green tea bags inside a half-empty cup of steamed milk it was over $5,” one shared.

“On more than one occasion I’ve ordered a caramel iced coffee and they’ve forgotten the caramel,” a second commented.

“I get iced caramel milk instead of iced caramel lattes very frequently,” a third revealed.

Others attributed the inconsistencies to a lack of training for Dunkin’ employees, which one employee confessed herself in another viral video in September.

“Once an employee told the other one they didn’t know how to make the drink right in front of me and they had them do it anyway,” one said.

“As someone who worked at dunkin… they don’t train anyone properly,” a second wrote.

“I worked at Dunkin’ Donuts for a bit and my first day they didn’t show me how to do anything they just threw me on drive thru at 7 am,” a third concurred.

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