‘Just Taking On More Work Load/expectations Without A Pay Increase’: Target Worker Says She Was Cross-trained To Work At Starbucks Just Because She Drinks It, Sparking Debate

A Target worker’s post is making the rounds on TikTok after she claimed that she was trained for Starbucks at the store just because she constantly drank it at work.

“Ya girl is getting Starbucks trained,” TikToker Kaitlin Sondae (@kaitlinsondae) wrote in the caption of her post as she spoke directly to her viewers, explaining how she came to be in the position of being a trainee for the store’s Starbucks.

“Okay disregard my awkward pose,” the Target worker starts, referring to the greenscreen image in the background, which shows her smiling in a signature green Starbucks apron. “But life hack, if you drink Starbucks enough at work, they’ll train you in it.”

The video amassed 18,500 views, and viewers seemed divided on whether this was a positive development for Sondae or not.

A few viewers that allegedly work at Target also expressed interest in training at Starbucks. “Ima do this,” said one comment.

But while many people congratulated Sondae, a few pointed out that she was “just taking on more work load/expectations without a pay increase.” Being overworked and underpaid is not uncommon for Target workers, as covered by the Daily Dot, but Kaitlin isn’t in it for the money. The Starbucks enthusiast responded to the comment, saying, “I got some free coffee so good enough for me at this point.”

When another person also pointed out that “they’re only training back up, because of the new drive up feature that’s gonna roll out,” referring to shopper’s being able to order Starbucks when shopping via the store’s drive-up service, the Target worker said, “Yess but I still [get to] know how to make them and everything!” And when a third asked her point blank, “Does your pay increase?” Kaitlin amicably responded, “No.”

But for now, the Target worker appears to be happy with her new training position at Starbucks. When one comment asked, “Do you like it????” Kaitlin said, “So far yes!!”

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