‘I Don’t Understand Why They Allow These People To F*cking Get Away With This Shit’: Doordash Customer Boycotts App After Getting A $17 Refund On A $30 Order She Never Received

A Doordash customer has taken to TikTok to call out the app for only partly refunding an order after a long line of issues with the service.

In the video, TikToker Dani (@danikins_) explains how she rarely gets food deliveries because she only recently got financially secure enough to “stop living paycheck to paycheck.”

“I can’t afford luxury things. I can’t afford to buy shit. I can’t afford to pay all my bills in full. But I can afford my minimum payments on everything,” she says in the clip. “So I said, ‘I’m hungry. I want to treat myself to something.'”

According to the TikToker, the DoorDash driver claimed via the messaging app that they didn’t know where to drop off the order. Dani replied they could leave either leave it in the lobby or bring it up via the elevator via the elevator, instructions she claims she had already detailed in the ‘directions’ portion of the app.

“It’s not fucking brain science. It’s just one solid building,” she adds.

However, she shares a screenshot where the driver marked the order as “complete” but didn’t respond to Dani’s messages asking where the food was. Upon filing a complaint in the mobile app, Dani shares the message she received from DoorDash which stated that the driver “had trouble contacting [her.]”

The food-delivery company also offered her a refund of $17.47 despite her order being more than $30. Dani says that when she clicked that her order never arrived, Doordash had “taken the Dasher’s word for it saying that they left it in a safe location, but they won’t tell me where the fucking location is.”

The TikToker says she ended up submitting a lengthy complaint to customer support via the app after she could not get a hold of them and ended up taking the $17.

“I’m fucking tired of DoorDash,” she says. “I don’t understand why they allow these people to fucking get away with this shit.”

“You must not know what it’s like to live check to check and get fucked the one minute you decide to treat yourself,” she says in regards to anyone who might say she is overreacting.

This isn’t the first time Dani has had a problem with DoorDash. In the beginning of her clip, she details another unpleasant experience she previously had with the company.

“I understand that mistakes happen, and this has happened in the past, too, when I let it slide, but this time, no,” she says. “The first time I had an issue with them, the person literally drove in fucking circles and ate my food. DoorDash gave me a refund after I showed them all the screenshots of the conversation I had with this person as well as their route, what they were doing and where they were going. But then, a week later DoorDash took their money back out of my account.”

She adds that she received an email from DoorDash explaining that they rescinded her refund because the restaurant still made the food, even if the DoorDash driver allegedly ate it.

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