‘Told My Violently Italian Family I Got A Job At A Restaurant’: Parents Call Son A ‘disgrace’ After He Told Them He Works At Domino’s, Sparking Debate

TikTok user Marco D’Alessandro (@codells) is adding to the already healthy bevy of Italian-themed jokes and comedy with a recent TikTok showing his parents’ reaction to seeing him get a job at Domino’s.

An Italian stereotype is that food is considered an almost sacred part of the country’s culture, like Italian restaurant Villa Allen writes: “Italians place a high premium on their food, and much emphasis is placed on what to eat, how to cook it, and when to eat it. Food is one of the defining characteristics of Italian culture, and it is taken very seriously.”

That seriousness extends to what can be described as a bastardization of classic Italian dishes which is referenced in feature films like the end of Goodfellas when Ray Liotta’s character laments the fact that he can’t get a good pasta dish and is instead served “noodles with ketchup,” or chef Gino D’Acampo’s utter gobsmacked-ness at a TV host’s suggestion of adding an additional ingredient to a meal he’s preparing on television.

D’Alessandro’s parents had a similar reaction to seeing him as an ’employee’ at Domino’s.

In what appears to be a prank, the TikToker walks into the living room in full Domino’s regalia, holding pizza boxes from the franchise as his folks watch TV.

“Hey, guys, I brought you some food from work,” he tells them. His mother and father take a second to absorb what they’re seeing. His mom says, “You’re working at Domino’s?” His dad simply shakes his head and states, “You’re a disgrace.”

In a caption for the video, D’Alessandro writes, “The thing that hurts the most is that he covered my dogs eyes to shield him from my shame.”

The TikToker has posted several videos including his parents and has amassed over 1.2 million followers on the application with a series of prank and comedic videos.

While D’Alessandro indicated that it was indeed a joke in the comments section, many users remarked that it wasn’t a “disgrace” of him to be working because at least he decided to go and get a job.

“I’m so sorry they said this to you,” one user wrote. “I really hope they were joking even though it wasn’t in good taste.”

“Seriously that’s not a big disgrace at least he’s working,” another wrote.

“My mama always says it doesn’t matter what job you have as long as you’re loved and happy,” a user shared.

“A job is a job,” a third user agreed.

There were others who said they had the same kind of shade thrown at them from their own Italian family after they discovered that they were working at Olive Garden. Some said that they never understood the hate that Domino’s gets as they really like the chain’s offerings.

“I got the same reaction when I worked at Olive Garden,” a user shared.

“I worked in an Italian place that didn’t even serve Italian food,” another wrote. “I’m very Italian and my family was upset lol.”

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