‘Whenever You See Packaging Like This, Just Plain Black And White, Pay Attention’: Tiktoker Shares Psa To Find Name-brand Makeup At Dollar Tree

A woman went viral on TikTok after issuing a public service announcement claiming that Dollar Tree sells name-brand makeup—just not in traditional packaging.

While user Tiffany (@tiffanytonimua) regularly posts hacks at the value chain, she claims in this clip that name brands like L’Oreal Paris are secretly sold there. She records the makeup section, pointing out a brand of lipgloss.

“Whenever you see packaging like this, just plain black and white, pay attention because it’s actually a name-brand product,” Tiffany says as she flips the lipgloss to the side, revealing its brand which is L’Oreal Paris. She then shows that the lipgloss is regularly priced at $12.99, while it is priced at Dollar Tree for $1.25.

Tiffany reinforces this hack in the caption, writing, “Dollar Tree tip! For those who don’t know. Check those black and white packaged products.”

The video racked up over 510,000 views as of Tuesday where viewers shared the makeup products they’ve discovered at Dollar Tree.

“I’ve bought Elf at Dollar Tree,” one viewer shared.

“I get elf,covergirl, Milano, nyx, la girl(some there makeup real good) and L’Oréal at my dollar tree,” a second said.

“Currently my DT has Milani, NYX, L’Oréal, and even Maybelline rn. DT gets dead stock from stores so check surrounding DTs too if yours has nothing,” a third claimed.

Some revealed other beauty products they recommend from Dollar Tree.


“I get my eyelashes there and they’re amazing. Also the shiny ‘color corrector’ is an amazing inner eye highlighter,” a second stated.

“i bought the most amazing lashes at dollar tree one time so ik you’re telling the truth,” a third said.

However, others were more hesitant about the tip, speculating reasons as to why Dollar Tree may be selling name-brand products.

“I never knew this. Why is it given to the dollar store to sell? Close to expiration?” one person asked.

“Just be careful when buying these. there’s a good chance they’re expired. likely won’t harm you but be cautious anyways,” a second advised.

“Usually a color goof on a huge batch that they can’t save,” a third commented.

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