'Cancel The Wedding!' Internet Slams Groom For Being Carried Down The Aisle In A Coffin By Bridesmaids

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A groom has divided the internet after arriving at his own wedding in a coffin - yeah, you read that right - in a coffin.

The husband-to-be took "til death do us part" a little too seriously when he decided to be carried down the aisle by his friends in a casket, much to the amusement of his guests.

In the one-minute clip, you can see a black hearse pull up as everyone turns to look. The trunk is then opened and a black coffin is hauled out by six people, who look slightly embarrassed about the situation they've somehow found themselves in - at a wedding, no less.

As it's being carried down to the front of the outdoor venue, you can clearly see one of the coffin-bearers shake their head and look down, while the others have awkward smiles plastered on their faces.

The entrance was filmed by an onlooker and uploaded to TikTok where social media users were left shocked and appalled by the bizarre display.

Check out the full video below:

"The hell..." Commented one user.

"I’d be at the bar already drinking and trying to figure out how to make different friends," another added.

"We would be divorced before we said I do," said another.

"I could see if it was a Gothic wedding but it wasn't even executed nicely," a different TikTok user pointed out.

Others couldn't help but marvel at the concept.

"Okay but why did I think the bride was the one in the casket?" Asked one user.

"Tell me you don’t want to get married without telling me..." Laughed another

And one even tried trying to read between the lines: "Is he trying to say his life is over now?"

But it wasn't all doom and gloom online (even though it might have been at the venue) because some people actually thought it was "cute."

"I actually thought this was kinda cute. I interpret it as like 'I was dead before I met you' or 'my life didn’t truly start until I met you.'"

Now, this isn't the first time we've heard about weird wedding stunts. From strange cartoon themes, to wacky locations, we've seen it all, but this coffin concept may just have taken the top spot for the most unique idea ever...

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