Daniel Craig’s Fabulously Extravagant Dance In This Vodka Commercial Has Everyone Saying The Same Thing

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Daniel Craig has taken on a new role since stepping down as James Bond.

The 54-year-old actor, best known for playing the rather serious 007 agent, showed his playful side as he danced around in a new campaign for Belvedere vodka, directed by actor Taika Waititi.

In what can only be described as a cinematic masterpiece, the award-winning actor flaunted his muscular physique in a tight black vest and jeans while shimmying, thrusting, and gyrating around a hotel.

The joyful commercial kicks off with Craig - who stars as "himself" - looking sleek in an all-white suit as he looks out over Paris' Pont Neuf bridge before smirking at the camera.

Check out the advert below:

The Knives Out actor proceeds to strut down the street before dancing his way inside the lobby of the Cheval Blanc Paris hotel, while an upbeat soundtrack by Rita Ora and Giggs plays.

Craig then goes into his suite and finds bottles of Belvedere Vodka waiting for him. He takes a sip of the drink and continues dancing before the Jojo Rabbit star yells cut.

"Let's go again, just be yourself," Waititi tells Craig, who then smiles at the camera (with his grills) before taking another sip of the sponsored beverage before the commercial comes to an end.

The Skyfall star's moves - which are choreographed by the Singles Ladies genius JaQuel Knight - had many fans commenting the same thing on Twitter.

Many users pointed out that the actor's dancing was reminiscent of Christopher Walken's moves in Fatboy Slim's Weapon Of Choice music video.

One user praised: "Pretty epic Daniel Craig ad for Belvedere vodka with music by Rita Ora & Giggs giving off big Christopher Walken in the Fatboy Slim video vibes."

Another person also agreed with the reference, writing: "This is giving me the same energy as Christopher Walken in that fat boy slim music video."

A third user complimented the actor and director "for bringing us this Weapon-of-Choice-and- Christopher-Walken sexiness not seen in over 20 years."

It's fair to say that most of the social media commenters were impressed by the Casino Royale actor's flamboyant moves.
Credit: Paul Smith / Alamy
One user gushed: "Sure, the John Lewis advert is great but does it have Daniel Craig dancing???"

Another person described the commercial as the "wildest thing I’ve ever seen" and couldn't believe that Craig was actually dancing around.

Lastly, a third user commented that the advert encapsulated the actor's "divorced dad energy of post-Bond".

Craig is regularly seen sipping a vodka-based beverage in the iconic Bond movies, but, the 47-year-old director didn't want to go for the obvious angle for the advert.

"It felt almost lazy to go like, 'Daniel, can you hold a martini?'" Waititi told GQ on November 9. "I was happy to not even have to entertain that very long."

"There was sort of the fun of playing with [what] people expect, like 'Oh, we’re going to make some high-class thing in Paris and it's in black and white, very pretentious, like the beginning of a French noir film' or something," he continued.

The award-winning filmmaker said that prior to shooting the commercial, he didn't know if Craig could dance. He explained that it was "risky" at first but luckily for everyone, the actor could bust a few moves.

"It was just about having fun with the form, and making sure that we never really took any of it too seriously," he explained. "It’s just nice to do something where it’s like, 'Oh, is this the real Daniel? Maybe this is a different version of Daniel than we've ever seen?'"

"He just was great and he wasn’t cynical about it, and he wasn’t reticent. He just leaned straight in," Waititi added.

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