‘You’re Literally Screwing Us Over’: Worker Dances To Voicemail Her Manager Sent Her After She Didn’t Show Up To Work

A TikToker claims that her former boss left her a scathing voicemail after she no-showed.

But instead of feeling hurt or upset by her manager’s remarks, the TikToker, @gracekomalley (Grace O’Malley) put a beat over the voicemail and danced to it. Her video so far has over 2.1 million views.

In her short video, O’Malley is seen freestyling as a remixed version of the voicemail plays as dance music.

“Dancing to a voicemail I got after I no-showed the only job I ever quit,” text overlay on the screen reads.

The voicemail left reads as follows: “Hi, girlie. … You better get over here as fast as possible. I don’t care where you are, but you better get to work because you’re literally screwing us over, and I thought you were better than this.”

The message doesn’t phase O’Malley, however, who mouths the words of the voicemail as she prances around. In fact, in the TikTok’s caption, the worker doubles-down on her feelings toward her former workplace: “I hated working there so very much.”

It’s not clear from the video where O’Malley was employed or whether she ever returned the message. But a number of commenters quickly started picking the message apart.

Most of the top comments on O’Malley’s video mocked the manager’s voice and tone.

“Was your manager Snooki?” reads the top-liked comment on the TikTok.

“Okay but why does this make it sound like you’re missing out on the best party ever,” another questioned.

Others, however, were more appalled by the message itself.

“If one employee not coming in ruins everything, management sucks,” reads another comment. “They aren’t staffing right.”

“‘You better get to work because you’re literally screwing us over’ made me want to no-call/show at my job,” wrote another TikToker. “And I love my job.”

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