Dad Surprises 9-Year-Old With Visit To Hooters For Good Grades

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A father has treated his nine-year-old son to a meal at Hooters as a reward for doing well at school.

Paul Edwards, from Liverpool, UK, had something "exciting" in store for his son, Buddy, after he got outstanding exam results.

Proud of his boy's achievement, the 36-year-old decided he'd earned himself a meal at the American chain known for putting its waitresses in notoriously skimpy uniforms.

The father said Buddy had seen the sports bar in American movies, but he didn’t believe Hooters actually existed until a branch opened up in their town.

Check out Paul's picture of Buddy below:

Paul took to Twitter to post a photo of his happy son eating two burgers and curly fries with a backdrop of the restaurant’s famous waitresses to social media.

As expected, many social media users had mixed reactions to the dad's tweet. Some people questioned the parenting tactic, calling it "creepy" while others thought that it was a fun bonding experience between father and son.

One outraged user wrote: "Mate this is creepy as f***."

Another user chimed in and shared: "I don't understand why a dad would bring his younger kid to hooters, what an odd family."

Meanwhile, a third user defended the father and said: "People are really getting upset over this? I swear people on Twitter just wanna create a problem out of nothing lol."

Lastly, a fourth user shared their own experience: "My grandpa used to always take me to hooters like this and it was probably the best thing he did for me."

As many people in the community objected to a Hooters branch opening in Liverpool, Maria Toolan, a Labour councilor, started a petition against the chain.

The petition was posted earlier this year and it read: "Hooters is an archaic and chauvinistic brand and this kind type of venue is no longer reflective of today's society."

"Hooters employs women to promote its business activities in an exploitative manner, It demeans and degrades women and undermines female equality," she added.

However, the petition had no impact as after February's court hearing, the chain was granted a license to open in the city.

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