‘Working In Food Has Made Me Hate Picky People’: Burger King Worker Complains About Customer Changing Sandwich Order To Plain

Starting one thing and being told all of sudden to do it differently can be a frustrating experience, and it’s something food service workers continually encounter, according to one TikToker.

In a recent video viewed more than 50,000 times, user B (@boomboombrooke) shows themselves starting to put together a sandwich in what appears to be a Burger King kitchen and then having to switch course after looking at the order again on a screen.

B captions the video: “POV: the customer changed the sandwich to plain.” They use the TikTok sound “dumb ass bitch” from internet comedian Druski as their audio.

In the comment section, B said they recently started their position at Burger King. At the time of the order, they were wearing their headset to hear the customers order, likely through the restaurant’s drive thru. However, it seemed the customer had changed their order at the last minute.

“Sometimes it can be the person taking the order but that’s why we have headsets on in the back to make sure everything is correct,” B said in the comments section. “It can go both ways.”

Those in the comments seemed to heavily relate to B’s ordeal.

“That’s why when I’m on headset I tell them to go ahead and order and wait till they done to type the order in to prevent this,” one person said.

“Working in food has made me hate picky people, like just eat what i give you goddamn,” another commenter said.

According to some reports, proper drive-thru etiquette often includes not changing one’s order at the last minute because it can likely mess up the multi-step workflow fast-food restaurant’s have in place. Plus, it also holds up lines.

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