CurderBurger Back At Culver’s

Culver’s is a beloved Wisconsin-based burger chain known for its butter burgers, decadent variety of frozen treats, and of course, fried cheese curds. If you’re a longtime devotee of the franchise, then you’re probably familiar with its CurderBurger, which features a patty of deep-fried cheese, creating a calorically dense symphony of meat and cheddar that was too alluring for one TikToker to resist.

TikTok user Chef Nupe (@chefnuper1911) went viral on the popular social media platform after posting his stitched response to @foodwanderer, who let folks know that the item was back on the menu. Nupe wrote in a caption for the video: “I will never reclaim my body eating this!” Throngs of other TikTok users seemed to agree: it seems like a heck of a lot of meat and cheese to consume in one go.

The video begins with @foodwanderer showing off the CurderBurger, stating, “The CurderBurger is finally back at Culver’s,” before cutting to Nupe grabbing his car keys and immediately heading to a Culver’s location to pick one up for himself. He heads through the drive-thru while playing some Outkast, and when he pulls up to the windows, he orders a CurderBurger “with everything on it” and added bacon. He also orders “a second CurderBurger with chicken.”

“With chicken?” the employee asks.

“Yes,” he responds.

He shows off the burger on camera both pre and post-bite: the curd patty is indeed a massive wad of deep-fried cheese. After nodding his head several times following the first bite, he says that @foodwanderer was right. “This is on point,” he adds.

According to the Culver’s website, a standard CurderBurger packs 790 calories with 67 grams of carbohydrates, 34 grams of protein, and 42 grams of fat.

Many TikTokers who saw Nupe’s post professed their love for Culver’s, while others just couldn’t believe something like the CurderBurger exists.

“Culver’s is so good! I didn’t order because it would take me 2 days! Love the food is cooked to order only,” one user wrote.

“Love me some Culver’s I hope they still have it,” a second commented. “I may try it this weekend.”

“I just ate it today and u gotta put it on sourdough bread!” a third exclaimed.

“IDK how that burger made it home without being devoured in the car,” another commented.

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