‘We Get So Many Of The Preorders Every Year’: Customer Gets Whole Thanksgiving Dinner From Cracker Barrel, Sparking Debate

A woman’s TikTok confession that she always orders her entire Thanksgiving dinner from Cracker Barrel has sparked a debate on the video platform.

The TikToker, Jen (@jennychielsey), posted a video showing Cracker Barrel employees carrying several boxes of food out of the restaurant to her car. She says she’s picking up her family’s Thanksgiving dinner.

“I don’t cook for Thanksgiving; never had and never will,” the video’s on-screen text says. “We’ve always ordered from Cracker Barrel. No need to sweat cooking.”

In the video, Jen pops open one of the boxes stuffed full of food and says that the order cost $150. She adds in the video’s caption that she’s “ready for turkey day.”

Although the TikToker sounds excited about her upcoming Thanksgiving feast, some viewers were skeptical about buying such an important meal from a restaurant.

“Nothing like a home cooked Thanksgiving dinner for me,” one comment with more than 40,000 likes read.

“Idk I feel like cooking with your family is part of the experience,” another comment said.

One viewer wrote, “I tried buying dinner but it was horrible. Home cooked is the only way.”

Some viewers seemingly tried to shame or embarrass the TikToker.

“I work 50-60 hour weeks and I’m still cooking a whole Thanksgiving dinner,” one viewer wrote.

Another commented, “I’m so sorry to hear that.”

But other users encouraged the TikToker to continue celebrating the holiday in whatever way makes her family happy. Even Cracker Barrel chimed in.

“Ppl are so passive aggressive in these comments. You and your family keep doing what y’all love. Enjoy the day!” one user wrote.

“Everyone has their own traditions! Happy thanksgiving 💕,” a second user said.

Cracker Barrel’s TikTok account commented, “Enjoy your meal! Thanks for making us part of your tradition.”

According to one Cracker Barrel employee, Jen is far from the only customer enjoying a Cracker Barrel Thanksgiving dinner.

“I work at crackerbarrel. We get so many of the preorders every year,” they commented.

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