‘This Is Why I Prefer Sam’s. Costco Been Real Karen-ish Lately’: Woman Says She Was Accused Of Stealing By An ‘Off-Duty’ Costco Worker

A woman who says she was accused of stealing by an off-duty Costco employee has gone viral on TikTok after posting a series of videos on the situation.

In the original video, which has over 1.7 million views, TikTok user @jazupmystyle says that a woman who claimed to be an off-duty Costco employee asked to check her receipt after it had already been seen by an employee who was on the clock.

“Off duty Costco employee approached me right after my receipt was checked at the door,” reads the video’s text overlay. “My husband put a Costco coat over me so I won’t be cold (that was paid for) while he got the car. She instantly approaches me as I’m waiting by the door and literally says ‘it looks like you’re stealing.'”

In additional videos, @jazupmystyle tells viewers that she had been waiting for her husband to bring the car around, as she uses mobility aids and had just returned the store’s motorized scooter.

“I’m not stuffing [the jacket] under my shirt,” she says. “I’m not ‘acting suspiciously.’ I’m literally standing there.”

At one point, Robyn, the off-duty employee, allegedly starts talking to other customers about @jazupmystyle, causing them to laugh. The TikToker says she started to record the exchange after that.

“Had the person at the front just said, ‘can I check your receipt again’ no problem,” she says. “I don’t want no problems. I want to go home. I want to eat my lobster biscuits I just bought. Had she approached me differently, that situation would have happened differently. But no, Robyn, you wanted to be unprofessional.”

Ultimately, @jazupmystyle says she emailed Costco about what happened but has yet to receive a response.

“I’m not expecting a response right away, but I really do hope they do respond because that’s not cool,” she says. “Honestly speaking, I don’t want Robyn to get fired. I think what she did was wrong, but I don’t want her to get fired. I don’t know what her situation is. I don’t know what her circumstances are, and that’s not my goal.”

Viewers shared words of encouragement with @jazupmystyle, telling her she did not deserve the treatment she received.

“I’m sorry this happened to you,” one commenter wrote. “It’s wrong and the woman that had checked your receipt should have spoken up on your behalf.”

“You did the right thing and I want to say sorry that this had to happen to you,” a second wrote. “You seem like a very sweet soul. Sending hugs.”

“My blood is boiling for you,” another commented. “People can’t just accuse others of stealing for no reason! There was zero reason to think you were.”

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