‘Why Am I Paying A Whole Down Payment To Eat A F*cking Bowl’: Chipotle Customer Calls Out $20 Charge For Single Burrito Bowl

After one customer noticed that Chipotle charged him $20 for his burrito bowl, he vented his frustrations on TikTok.

“Chipotle what is going on!!” the text overlay on Fayez Beshay’s (@theonlyfayez) post reads. The customer starts off his video by asking his followers why “I get one bowl and it’s 20 fucking dollars.”

He explains the exact details of his order, saying, “I asked for rice, black beans, half chicken, half steak and I got like lettuce, guac, and cheese. I’m expecting the range from like $13 to $15 at max.”

However, Fayez expresses he was dismayed to hear the Chipotle cashier charge him “$20.99” for his order. “Why am I paying a whole down payment to eat a fucking bowl,” he asks, also pointing out that “this shit sometimes don’t even taste that good.”

The video has been viewed over 200,000 times since it was posted and viewers went off in the comments.

“Cashier told me my total and I almost fainted,” said one user, who agreed Chipotle’s prices had gotten out of hand as of late.

“Facts prices went up and food quality went way down…they lost me as a customer,” said another person, referring to the recent price hikes at the fast-food chain, as reported in Business Insider.

Of course, a few people offered the frustrated customer some hacks of their own. “Order 2 kids meals. It’ll come to $12 & it’s really filling. I just order 1 & it’s still filling,” suggested one person.

A number of comments questioned the veracity of the TikToker’s claims, saying that Chipotle could not have charged him $20 for a burrito bowl. “Show the receipt for proof because we all know it’s not that much for a bowl,” said one person. Another provided their own breakdown of Fayez’s order. “You lying steak with guac bowl is not 20. Also they charge the more expensive meat which in your case was steak. Still not 20,” they claimed.

However, it’s possible that Fayez’s burrito bowl did cost as much as he claimed it did since he’s located in New York City, where, according to a report from Restaurant Business, prices at the fast-food chain tend to be higher than in the rest of the country.

Regardless, it seems this Chipotle customer is sick of the prices he’s paying for his bowls—so much so that when one commenter said, “Bro whattt it’s literally $8 here and w guac it’s like $10 max,” Fayez responded that he’s “moving (right now).”

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