‘Who Gets Steak At Chilis?’: Customer Calls Chili’s A ‘Dump’ After Ordering Steak And Broccoli, Sparking Debate

A woman went viral on TikTok after sharing her thoughts about Chili’s and its broccoli and steak.

The video was posted by user Stephanie (@nativehoney01). She films her table at a Chili’s, which shows a mostly eaten plate of broccoli and steak. She vents her thoughts as she films the table.

“Can we all just agree that Chili’s fucking blows?” Stephanie asks her 10,000 followers. “Every time I come here, I say I’m never coming back. Such a fucking dump here.”

The text overlay elaborates more on her feelings for the restaurant, reading, “Chili’s please just go out of business already.”

The video garnered over 373,000 views as of Sunday, leaving viewers divided with many defending the restaurant.

“I love my chillis, go atleast once a month,” one viewer said.

“Can’t relate, the chili’s in my town is amazing. Bacon ranch quesadillas salsa and chips always fresh, and their burgers are bomb!!!” a second wrote.

“Idk I be having the best time ordering the cheap margaritas, free chips and salsa with their app, and the cheap burgers,” a third commented.

There were some who flamed Stephanie for always returning to the restaurant despite claiming to hate it. Many called her out for the food she ordered.

“But you said you keep going back tho,” one observed.

“Lol dont be ordering broccoli and steak at a cheap restaurant?!?” another said.

“You don’t go to Chili’s for the broccoli,” a user echoed.

“Why order a steak not at a steakhouse?” a viewer asked.

However, there were others who jumped to Stephanie’s defense, agreeing with her.

“Dude I so agree,” one person concurred.

“Every chillis near me is half empty tables and a 45 minute wait,” a second criticized.

“Went there one time and will never go back out food took over an hour to come out and it was all cold,” a third stated.

“My son worked at Chili’s. He said they don’t actually cook anything it’s all warmed up,” another shared.

Stephanie told via email that her video took place at the Lake Elsinore, California, Chili’s location. According to Stephanie, this was the last time she entered a Chili’s restaurant and said the only reason she decided to go there was because it was the only sit-down restaurant in the area and she wasn’t looking for fast food.

“I’ve received so many negative comments about it being my fault for going back and also for ordering steak and broccoli,” Stephanie said. “My response is that it had been a few years and there was a new menu so I tried to give it the benefit of the doubt and try it again.”

Stephanie explains that it wasn’t just the food she was disappointed in— she claims the restaurant “stinks,” tables are always sticky, the service horrible and the bathroom filthy.

“They sat us at a tiny table and brought 4 waters (which we didn’t order) and 2 sodas for my son and said here you go, so you don’t need to ask for refills and walked away before we would ask them to take them back,” she continued.

Stephanie also said her cocktail drink tasted horrible and that the “cold and hard” food, which she only took two bites of, took forever.

“I know chilis is known for fried comfort food but I was looking for a healthier option and I figured if it’s on the menu then they should know how to cook it correctly,” Stephanie wrote. “Boy was I wrong.”

The TikToker says she didn’t send the food or drink back because she just wanted to pay the bill and leave.

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