‘As A Server…unfortunately It Really Be Like That Sometimes’: Chili’s Customers Have To Eat With No Silverware

When one sits down at a restaurant, they can usually expect, at the very least, a plate, a cup, and a set of silverware.

However, the latter may not always be the case, as one TikToker recently discovered.

In a video with over 308,000 views, TikToker Kate (@kateaylm) claimed that she recently visited Chili’s and was not given silverware with her meal.

“When you ask your waiter for silverware and they respond with ‘uh I’m not sure where it is we’re running low’ and then walks off,” Kate wrote in the text overlaying the video.

In the comment section, Kate added, “It’s okay we will just [dig] in with our fingers – nothing can stop us.”

According to commenters, this is a fairly common occurrence—not only at Chili’s but at restaurants of all kinds.

“As a server…unfortunately it really be like that sometimes,” wrote one user.

“Me a line worker grabbing literally steaming utensils from the dishwasher because idk where they keep non steaming utensils LOL,” noted a second.

“Lmao it really be like that,” echoed a third. “Last night I was rolling silverware in the back as I went it was so busy and short staffed.”

That said, numerous commenters explained there are workarounds when such issues arise.

“In the chance we are out of silverware and it’s washing I always get to-go utensils for customers in the meantime,” detailed a commenter.

“Im a host and we’re suppose 2 have it, but it we’re running low, i try to let servers know,” another shared. “There’s always plastic silverware.”

Some users speculated as to how this could have happened.

“I’ve learned working in restaurants the silverware is either taken or thrown away on accident and no one notices until its too late,” claimed a commenter.

“I swear this happens all the time and somehow we are always buying new silverware,” a further user detailed.

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