‘Instant Karma’: Burger King Customer Gets Into Car Crash In Drive-Thru Line After Telling Worker ‘F*ck You’ Over Brownie Batter Milkshakes

TikTokers believe a customer at Burger King got served instant karma after cursing at a worker in the drive-thru.

TikToker Mason Daniels (@itzmasondaniels) went viral on TikTok after posting a clip of him reversing into a vehicle in a drive-thru after telling a worker ”fuck you.”

The clip begins with Mason sitting in the driver’s seat of his car in the drive-thru, asking, ”Y’all got them brownie batter milkshakes?”

The worker responds, “Ah no, we got an Oreo.”

“Ew, no. Fuck you,” the TikToker says, laughing while putting their car into reverse to get out of the drive-thru line. He continues to laugh as a car honks behind him. A loud crash is heard, and the woman recording gasps while looking into the camera. The clip cuts out right after the man yells “Fuck!”

Folks who saw the TikTok wanted to know what kind of damage the car sustained in the crash. In a follow-up clip, he shows a picture of a vehicle in seemingly pristine condition.

He used the follow-up video as an advertisement of sorts to try and sell his car, posting a Facebook Marketplace screenshot with all of the vehicle’s details in the video.

Other TikTokers still couldn’t believe that the crash didn’t mess up his vehicle, but Mason stated in a third video that his car was completely fine.

“OK, so I want to address a few things. First of all, that was the damage on the car that I posted because there literally was none, and I can’t just go out to my driveway and take a picture of my car because, lowkey, I’m in London right, so that makes it a little bit hard. Also another thing, this happened close to a year ago, probably like eight or nine months,” he says.

He adds there ”was no damage to the other car.” He says the other person was ”fine” and says he doesn’t think they had insurance.

Viewers were critical of the TikToker and called the crash ”instant karma” for what he said to the worker. He also addressed the criticism in his follow-up.

“I’m a server myself. I would never be rude to service workers the person in the drive-thru window was, in fact, my family member, so it was a joke on them, and I accidentally threw it into reverse and then that happened,” he says, calling the video “the funniest video on TikTok right now.”

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