‘This Is Why It Taste Different Every Time’: Burger King Worker Shows How To Make Iced Coffee, Sparking Debate

The process for making Burger King iced coffee is not exactly complicated. But this TikToker still managed to divide audiences by showing her personal coffee-making method, involving a rather flexible attitude toward the expected measurements.

Clocking in at one million views and counting, this 43-second video shows TikToker @tanasiaboston measuring coffee ingredients into a container with lines drawn on the side for each measurement: coffee, cream, and syrup.

The way she pours the coffee and cream is more or less accurate (albeit with some spills), but the syrup goes way over the top, prompting comments about why Burger King iced coffee always tastes different.

“The bottle has measurements & it’s still wrong,” wrote one commenter, while another joked, “Mannnn the lines are there just for decoration at this point.”

“Bro is this ur first day at work,” wrote someone else, although a different Burger King worker chimed in with an explanation: “We be adding a little more of everything bc it be nasty when we actually fill it up to the lines.”

Basically, this method is a dream if you like your iced coffee super sweet, with several commenters singling out Burger King as their personal fave—possibly because other Burger King workers are using the exact same method of adding extra syrup in the recipe.

Honestly, this TikTok is an antidote to the kind of coffee recipes that usually go viral on the app. We’re used to seeing photogenic coffee art and elaborate Starbucks hacks that leave baristas exhausted with overcomplicated recipes, but this TikTok is literally just someone filling a plastic bottle with three ingredients. Sometimes the simplest ideas are the best.

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