‘When A Customer Is Rude And Asks For Extra Ranch’: Buffalo Wild Wings Worker Shares How She Gets Revenge On ‘Rude’ Customers Who Ask For Ranch

Food service workers were known to not put up with impolite customers, and one TikToker is showing there can be consequences for treating employees badly.

In a recent TikTok video, viewed over 450,000 times, user Italy (@favv.tay) said because a customer was rude to her at her job at Buffalo Wild Wings, she decided to charge them for extra ranch.

“When a customer is rude and asks for extra ranch,” the video reads along with music audio.

“Rings in ranch,” the following text on the video reads.

Italy said she wasn’t originally planning on charging the customer for the ranch, even though it’s usually policy to charge for extra. In the comments section, she said the restaurant she works at charges 60 cents for extra ranch.

“Now u gotta pay extra cus I wasn’t gonna even charge you babes,” she captioned the video.

Commenters sided with Italy and her decision.

“[Forreal] I charge them for every little thing when they catch an attitude with me,” one commenter said.

“This is why I’m polite to ALL [service] workers!! Also I used to be one,” another commenter said.

“I serve at Applebee’s and they charge 50 cents for it so I relate to this so much,” another TikTok user said. “Ring in every single one when they rude.”

In the last couple of years—and as pandemic shutdowns were reversed—restaurant workers have been leaving their posts at the highest rate in decades, citing low pay, lack of benefits, and rude customers. In a recent poll from UC Berkeley Food Labor Research Center, 39% of restaurant workers said they were leaving their job “due to concerns of hostility and harassment from customers.”

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