‘This Is The Most Wasteful Thing I Have Ever Seen’: Woman Exposes Dumpster Filled With Unused Bath And Body Works Bags

A woman on TikTok exposed Bath and Body Works for allegedly throwing hundreds of seemingly unused bags into a dumpster.

TikTok user Jennifer (@eldestmillenial) posted a video on the social media platform, showing a trash dumpster filled to the brim with Bath and Body Works bags. She says she feels disgusted by the store, which sells soaps, fragrances, lotions, and candles.

In the video, Jennifer zooms in on the multiple stacks of bags, exposing the Bath and Body Works logo and signature blue-checkered pattern. She says the dumpster is filled top to bottom with the bags and claims that the company threw them away because they plan to use their Christmas-themed bags during the holiday season.

“This is the most wasteful thing I’ve ever seen,” Jennifer says in the video. “Can’t you save these until after Christmas? Bath and Body Works, do better. So wasteful.”

The TikToker adds that she found the bags in a trash-specific dumpster, meaning they’re not even being recycled. In the video, the bags are seen clearly labeled as recyclable.

“I am literally shocked right now,” Jennifer says. “From the bottom of the dumpster to the top of the dumpster is just perfectly fine bags.”

She says the bag-filled dumpster is “stupid” and makes her want to “throw up.” She also points out that the waste is bad for the environment.

“OMG Bath and Bodyworks. I am at a loss for words over the sheer waste. I just hope to God you aren’t putting claims out there to be a green company and have a smaller footprint,” the video’s caption reads.

Many viewers seemed as outraged as Jennifer and tagged the Bath and Body Works TikTok account in comments, telling the company to “do better.”

“@bathandbodyworks DO BETTER!!!!” one viewer commented.

“@Bath & Body Works seriously?” a second viewer said.

A third commented, “I was working at a bath and body works and they couldn’t even give me hours because budget yet they can waste money and do this?@Bath & Body Works.”

Multiple viewers, echoing Jennifer, questioned why the company didn’t simply save the bags to use after the holiday season.

“Why not just save them for after Xmas?! Surely after 2 months they will be back to normal bags?” one user asked.

“Omg… why not just save them until after Christmas?” another user wrote with an eye-roll emoji.

Others pointed out the label on the bags asking users to recycle.

“Not the bottom of the bag asking us to reuse and recycle,” one viewer said.


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