‘I Can Just Imagine How Black The Bottom Of Your Feet Are’: Woman’s ‘Barefoot Lifestyle’ Sparks Debate After She Walked Around Home Depot Barefoot, Defying Store Rules

A user on TikTok has gone viral after filming a video of themselves walking barefoot into Home Depot, ignoring a sign on the door that reads “SHOES REQUIRED.”

The video was posted on Oct. 13 and currently has over 563,000 views as of Saturday.

In the video, TikToker Mara (@theamazingmara) films the store sign after which she decides to ignore it and walk into the store barefoot anyway.

“So I’m running errands with my dad and this is the first store in forever that has a ‘shoes required’ sign and I do not have shoes with me today,” she says in the clip. “I do understand it and I’m at a hardware store so it does make sense so I’m just being sneaky and trying to hide behind the basket”.

In the comments section, viewers quickly expressed outrage at the woman’s behavior.

“‘I read the rule and fully understand why they have a valid rule but im just not gonna follow it'”, one commenter criticized.

“And then she steps on broken glass or smth and sues the store,” another sarcastically speculated.

“It’s not about getting hurt it’s about if OSHA sees this they’ll be shut down and fined thousands,” a third pointed out.

However, some disagreed and defended the TikToker’s choice to walk barefoot.

“Yall she understands if she gets hurt she won’t blame the store she understands the risk,” one commenter claimed.

“Why is everyone so pressed? It’s her feet,” another said.

Several viewers were puzzled by Mara’s “barefoot lifestyle.”

“Why do you not wear shoes?” one of them asked. “Just curious no judgment.”

While Mara didn’t reply to that specific commenter, she has previously posted a TikTok addressing the subject. In it, she explained that it’s “just personal preference, plus being barefoot is better for your foot health.”

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