‘If You Know You Need Workers Maybe You Shouldn’t Be A B*tch’: Worker Quits After One Day Over Bad Trainer, Sparking Debate

Recently, workers are quitting in droves due to toxic work environments and incompetent managers. This occurrence is mainly prevalent in the younger generations, such as millennials and Gen Z-ers, not wanting to put up with an unhealthy workplace. In a viral TikTok video, a worker quits her job after one day during her shift, over an allegedly rude and bad trainer.

TikTok user Keonna (@k.eonnaaaa) relays her story time as she drives in her car. She begins her story about how she got a new job and there was her trainer who was a “real female dog.” Keonna states how she feels like she isn’t going to last the entire shift based on a conversation with her trainer, only “an hour and a half, maybe.”

Then, the video cuts to another scene with Keonna looking frustrated and then cuts to her getting into her car. Just as she expected, she says the lady gave her “attitude” twice and she made an excuse that she “had to get something out of her car.” After one of her co-workers left the parking lot, Keonna says she booked it, driving to a gas station to fill up her car and never returning to the job.

The video was viewed over 72,000 times as of Sunday, with many viewers agreeing with Keonna.

“I’ve been saying this, management been getting worse and degrading,” one viewer said.

“Good for you. life is too short to put up with BS ESPECIALLY If it starts off that toxic that fast,” a second praised.

“Im happy for you. Fuk dem,” a third echoed.

Another user offered a suggestion, writing, “I think u should email her supervisor and tell them how terrible she is. they probably don’t know because she acts nice with management.”

There were other people who shared their experiences with toxic work environments.

“Me. My first night my trainer goes as I’m watching him use the compactor ‘you just gonna stand there or you’re gonna help’ so I left,” one shared.

“Listen I quit just like this lmaoooo. If a badge is required for entry I leave it on the desk I was sitting because when I’m out I’m out,” a second recounted.

“Worked at the beauty supply for 2 weeks and walked out in the middle of my shift cus the manager wanted to trip about me going to the bathroom,” another commented.

“I did sum lil thing for two days & dude was talking crazy to me. He kept saying to me on my 2nd day- you don’t know how to do this yet? I quit,” one user said.

However, there were people who were critical of Keonna.

“Girl you clearly can’t handle nothing smh,” one criticized.

“Im kinda thinking your the one with the attitude,” a second stated.

“So I got some bad news for you, it don’t get better lol every job be having the same people, best just to check people so you set a boundary,” a third wrote.

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