‘How Cruel Of The Parents To Make Her Do This’: Viral Security Footage Of Child Stealing Candy Sparks Debate About Parents

A TikToker shows front porch security camera footage of a child attempting to ‘steal’ all of the candy in the bowl they had set out for Trick-or-Treaters on Halloween, claiming that the parents were “encouraging” them.

In the video posted by TikToker Ashley (@ashleyrosin) on Oct. 31, she shows two clips of a child in a costume approaching the porch and trying to dump all of the candy from the bowl into her Halloween basket.

Text overlay on the first clip reads, “1st attempt stealing, but notices camera and gets scared.” In the background of the footage, the “getaway car” backs down the driveway to wait for the child, who initially only grabbed a handful of candy.

In the second clip, the child returns and dumps the entire bowl of candy into her basket. Ashley says that they were “right next to the door” when the child returned, running out the door after the child to ask her to return the candy.

“Give that back, please,” Ashley says in the clip.

The caption reads, “What kind of parents encourage their child to steal?”

The video has reached over 7 million views as of Nov. 1, with commenters putting the child’s parents on blast for allegedly encouraging her to steal.

“How cruel of the parents to make her do this,” one commenter said.

“Her parents probably didn’t want to take her trick or treating or they said just steal the bowl,” another wrote.

“Parents were driving, had her fill her basket, she wanted to go Trick or treating like a normal kid but parents just want to go home,” a third added.

In a reply, Ashley commented that “when she brought the candy back, she was in tears saying sorry. It was definitely the parents making her.”

However, others criticized Ashley for watching the kids through the camera instead of handing out the candy herself.

“Why didn’t y’all just sit outside with the candy? I’m so confused why people watch kids on their security video.. also these are KIDS you’re exposing,” a user wrote.

“People are weird with all the technology these days, staking out the camera from inside instead of just handing it out to avoid this very situation,” another said.

“We were handing it out, but left it out with a sign to only take two while we were eating dinner,” Ashley clarified in a comment.

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