Artist transforms children's drawings into unique crochet toys that they can play with

Children's creativity stems from their newfound and fresh imaginations which know no bounds. They often create art pieces with beautiful imperfections that are extremely captivating. Parents often put up these drawings on refrigerators, pinboards, and walls but one mom is trying to bring them to life in a different style. Violeta Vasilevičiūtė-Pocienė who goes by the name VioletaOwl on her Instagram page has been making amigurumi crochet dolls based on children's drawings for over two decades. She said, "When my kids were born and a little bit grew up, they started drawing all kinds of crazy drawings. After seeing one of these drawings, I couldn't resist. The idea that it must be a toy immediately came to mind."

The final result is absolutely adorable and explicitly indicates that children have no idea of actual size and proportion while drawing these sketches. Violeta never leaves leave any element of a drawing behind and includes everything from a line to all scribbles. Thus, every piece that Violeta makes is incredibly unique and interesting. This occasionally implies Violeta is crocheting a giraffe with a huge head and large twilight eyes. At times, things get even more surreal, with a flying unicorn sporting tight goldilocks hair, reports My Modern Met. She even creates cute crochet accessories like eyeglasses holders, brooches, decorative plants, egg warmers and envelopes.

Violeta has always enjoyed crafting toys and has done so since she was a youngster. She told the outlet, "When I was 9 years old my mother taught me how to knit and crochet. Then I started knitting clothes for dolls and my handmade toys." She returned to create dolls many years later after studying wood design and technology in school. She told Bored Panda that she predicted her future while taking an exam on sewn art in 12th grade. She said, "During that exam, I predicted my future because I did not study sewing, but wood design and technology. But materials and threads have always interested me, reminding me of good pastimes and relaxation."

She sells these creative toys on her Etsy shop and has made 2,650 sales with five-star ratings. Her toys range from $2 and go up to almost $70 for more complex creatives. The toys include crochet monkeys, seals, snails, cats, elephants, and even Claude Monet. She even makes gifts, crochets plants, and even sells patterns for people who want to make them on their own. Moreover, people can even request custom orders by submitting their own child's creatives.

Almost 500 people have left wonderful reviews on her shop with one person writing, "So cute and very true to the drawing. Super fast shipping. Thank you!" Another commented, " Oh my gosh, This is one of the cutest crocheted froggies I've ever seen. My granddaughter also loves it. (I did get it for her.) So sweet. Nice work, Violetta!"

A third customer commented, "Item was exactly as described. It is the absolute cutest sloth and is the perfect little decoration for a desktop or mic. Would gladly shop here again!!"

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