‘Your Waiter Really Said ‘don’t Bother Me’ Without Saying Words’: Olive Garden Server Brings All Courses Out At The Same Time—And Gives Guests The Cheese Grater

A TikToker says their server at Olive Garden brought all of their courses to the table at the same time, showing the spread in a now-viral video.

In the video posted by user @yasspartytime on Nov. 15, they show a clip of their table covered in plates of soup, salad, and entrees as both diners laugh in the background. The text overlay reads, “How embarrassing.”

The caption reads, “This waiter really brought out everything at the same time appetizers, salad and soup, entrée drink and Refill.”

The video has reached over 252,000 views as of Nov. 16, with some commenters speculating that the waiter didn’t want to serve the table, instead opting to bring everything in one trip.

“Your waiter really said ‘don’t bother me’ without saying words,” one user wrote.

“Girl he GAVE you that cheese grater. Take it as a parting gift,” another said.

“The fact that he left the cheese grater like you ladies enjoy,” a third joked.

However, others said that it was probably a mistake and the server forgot to wait to “send the entrees” to the kitchen.

“As a server at olive garden: they didn’t time how long to wait to send your entrees to the kitchen,” a commenter said.

“Sometimes we forget to put your food on hold and the cooks make it faster than we expect and our managers make us run ur food so it won’t die,” another explained.

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