‘This Isn’t OK’: Tiktoker Says ‘America’s Funniest Home Videos’ Account Sexually Exploited Child

A TikToker called out America’s Funniest Home Videos account for posting a TikTok video that included a view underneath a female child’s skirt. The TikToker says the clip risks the minor’s safety.

In a TikTok posted on Saturday, Mandi (@mandimusings) says she noticed that America’s Funniest Home Videos‘ TikTok account, @afvofficial, posted a video that included a “moment where you can see up her skirt.” Mandi says that “moment” is also the video’s thumbnail on TikTok.

“This isn’t OK,” Mandi says in her TikTok, in which she also says that she saw that approximately 500 TikTok users favorited the video. She urges viewers to report the TikTok, which by Thursday appeared to have been removed.

On Thursday, Mandi’s video had over 450,000 views on TikTok.

In follow-up videos, Mandi says that the number of TikTok users that favorited the video more than doubled. She also says she reported the video as violating TikTok’s community guidelines, and the app responded by saying that’s not the case.

“AFV, you need a new social media manager. Because that thumbnail was intentional,” Mandi says in a follow-up TikTok. “And that’s not OK.”

In videos posted after the video of the child was taken down, Mandi shows emails between her and AFV and says that she doesn’t think it’s “right that they just get to quietly delete [the video]” without repercussions.

Mandi isn’t the only TikToker championing minor safety: Sarah Adams, known as @mom.uncharted on TikTok, also posts about the importance of not exploiting minors.

Many commenters on Mandi’s videos about America’s Funniest Home Videos shared her outrage about the inappropriate video and its thumbnail.

“Damage is still done,” @chillllikethatt commented after the video was taken down.

“@AFVofficial you absolutely need to post an apology to this girl and her family. Deleting it without an apology or acknowledgment is not acceptable,” @morticiaaddams.gov wrote.

And though Mandi’s crusade seems to have been in good faith, some commenters on her video brought up conspiracy theories concerning child sexual abuse and QAnon.

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