A Man Eats Lunch Every Week With A Homeless Woman Until One Day She Shares A Secret Shame

The population of human beings experiencing homelessness is far larger than it should be. A lot of these individuals need our help, whether that’s helping feed them, clothe them, or even house them. Just showing them compassion shows that we care, which means more to them than we think.
According to Wonderbot on YouTube, one person, Greg Smith, a 25-year-old personal trainer, showed this kind of compassion to a homeless woman he passed by every day on his way to work.

The homeless woman would greet Greg every morning with, “Good morning, sir, have a great day, and God bless.” After numerous morning greetings, Greg decided to take her to lunch and found out her name is Amy Jo.

After their first lunch together, it became a weekly event. Every Tuesday, they would get lunch together, getting to converse for over an hour they started to get to know each other better.

Greg learned that Amy Jo was not addicted to drugs, nor did she smoke or have an alcohol problem. He also learned an unexpected secret. Amy Jo admitted that she did not know how to read, and her illiteracy has held her back from getting to work.

She often went to the library to check out books, attempting to teach herself to read.

Amy Jo’s confession to Greg made him think about how truly blessed he was in life. He wanted to help her any way he could, so he decided above all, Amy Jo deserved an education.

The pair then switched up their lunch meet and started tutoring sessions. Every day, Greg would get books from the library and go through them with Amy Jo, teaching her how to read.

Greg shared his story on Facebook, making it go viral quickly. Most of the comments were positive, cheering him and Amy Jo on. Then there were some that felt that Greg was posting his story for personal benefit, claiming he wanted the attention to grow his business.

Watch the video to find out your opinion of Greg’s generosity.

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