Body Language Expert Explains Pete Davidson’s ‘Fatal Attraction With Women’

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Pete Davidson has dated some of the most beautiful women on the planet, and a body language expert has revealed how.

Davidson, 28, has recently been rumored to be dating model Emily Ratajkowski, 31, which sent social media into a meltdown about how he manages to charm the ladies.

This comes after his romance with Kim Kardashian ended in August. Kardashian had heard about his prowess in the bedroom from Ariana Grande - another of Davidson's ex-lovers - as reported by The Daily Mail.

Davidson has also enjoyed short-lived romances with Kate Beckinsale and Phoebe Dynevor.

But how does the comedian find himself in relationships with some of the highest-profile women around? Well, a body language expert is on hand to help.
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In a conversation with MailOnline, Judi James revealed that Grande's comments about his "big d*** energy" are appealing to future lovers, but it doesn't show the entire picture.

The body language expert said: "In a world of controlling exes this could be like therapy for the women. Pete is the guy with the goofy grin and the body language and fashion finesse of a party-loving teenager.

"Not only does Pete look like a man who is continually punching above his weight, he acts like it too with his body language. He tends to look star-struck in a very flattering way.

"The more beautiful a woman is the more she tends to attract the arrogant Narcissist. Pete looks like the opposite, which could be refreshing."
Pete Davidson's rumored new girlfriend Emily Ratajkowski. Credit: Pictorial Press / Alamy
James went on to explain how comedy gives off an "alpha vibe" to women, and it can be comforting in a world where celebrities "take themselves too seriously."

"Jokes can be as powerful as muscles when taking somebody down and Pete's ability to crack great one-liners might be super-attractive, especially if he's bringing a toxic ex down to size," she said, potentially referring to Kanye West.

Davidson began dating Kim Kardashian in October 2021 and was subject to a barrage of abuse from her ex-husband West, which included an Instagram post that read: "SKETE DAVIDSON DEAD AT AGE 28".
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Per a report by Us Weekly in August, the comedian is in trauma therapy due to the threats that were made to him by Ye.

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