‘Not Me Having A Mental Breakdown’: Ross Employee Accidentally Gives Customer $23 Extra In Change On Third Day Of New Job

A Ross Dress for Less employee went viral on TikTok after sharing how on her third day on the job, she accidentally gave the customer $57 in change.

The video features user Melly (@offical_melly) as she films herself in the break room with her headphones on. She looks upset, seemingly fighting the tears as she eats a snack. The text overlay reads, “it’s my third day at my new job and I’ve already gave a customer 57 dollars when he only needed 34 while my manager chased him down the door. She told me to go take my break ima go kms.”

Melly gave a reason for this mistake in the caption, writing, “I was under pressure bro.”

The video garnered more than 290,000 views as of Monday, where viewers offered words of comfort.

“Same girl don’t worry,” one viewer wrote.

“i\It’s ok bestie ,it happenes to the best of us,” a second said.

“Take it one day at a time. Breathe, and keep going. We all mess up. I’ve done the same. It be like that,” a third advised.

“It’s okay girl we all been there just don’t focus on your mistakes, you’re human!” another comforted.

Others shared their stories of blunders on the job.

“I accidentally refunded someone $260 dollars I didn’t get fired,” one person shared.

“I keep forgetting to remove the hard tags and alarms off their items,” a second stated.

Even Ross employees recounted when they worked for the company.

“Lmao me working at Ross my first day too,” one agreed.

“It’s ok I got scammed for over 1,200 dollars when it was like my second week at Ross,” a second recounted.

Melly posted a video update on the situation. According to the content creator, her manager placed her in the fitting rooms and vents her anxiety in the text overlay, writing, “not me having a mental break down after she said ‘it’s ok you be doing the fitting rooms till closing.'”

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