Cobra Dies After Being Bitten By Eight-Year-Old Boy

A cobra has died after a young child turned the tables on the venomous reptile.
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As reported by USA Today, the incident occurred in India on Monday (October 31), when a potentially deadly cobra attacked an eight-year-old boy.

Recalling the scary moment to The New Indian Express, the child - named only as Deepak from the remote Pandarpadh village in Jashpur district - was playing in his backyard when he encountered the snake.

The youngster recalls how the snake wrapped itself around his hand and then bit him. After causing Deepak "great pain", the boy attempted to shake the snake off of his hand - but to no avail.
The Indian cobra. Credit: Ariadne Van Zandbergen / Alamy
That's when he decided to take a page out of the snake's book and "bit it hard twice".

"It all happened in a flash," Deepak told the newspaper. He was then rushed to a nearby health case center, where he received a dose of anti-snake venom.

His doctor, Dr. Jems Minj, told the outlet that after being kept under observation for the entire day, the boy was later discharged after showing no symptoms.

In a bizarre incident, an eight-year-old boy bit a #cobra snake to death after it got wrapped around his hand in remote Pandarpadh village in #Chhattisgarh's Jashpur district.

Posted by The New Indian Express on Wednesday, November 2, 2022

Dr. Minj put the boy's "fast recovery" down to the fact that the cobra delivered a "dry bite" - which is when a snake breaks the victim's flesh with its fangs but no venom is released. As a result, only the area of the bite will become painful and show symptoms.

The Independent reports that the snake subsequently died from its injuries.

The remote Pandarpadh village is located approximately 350km northeast of the state capital of Raipur.

According to Wildlife SOS, there are almost 3,400 species of snake in the world - with India being home to nearly 300 of those species.
Credit: blickwinkel / Alamy
Of these near-300 species, over 60 of them are venomous - with the further 40+ being "mildly venomous".

Cobras fall under the Elapidae snake family, and are easily recognizable by their spreading neck flaps.

The Indian cobra - also known as the Spectacled cobra - can also grow to be between 3ft-5ft in length. Other cobra species found in the country are the monocled cobra (Indian spitting cobra), Caspian cobra (Central Asian cobra), Andaman Cobra, and the King Cobra.

Per, cobras the "cobra snake of India are one of the big four highly venomous snake species, responsible for most snakebites on humans in India."

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