‘That Also Means You Can’t Get Unemployment If You Resign.. These Jobs Know What They’re Doing’: Worker Offered $4k To Resign On The Spot

A warehouse worker says that she, along with several other workers, was offered $4,000 to volunteer to resign.

In a video with over 149,000 views, TikTok user Kiramore (@kir.amore) says her job told her it was cutting 160 people from their staff. However, the job also allegedly said that if employees voluntarily left, they would be given $4,000.

This led to a celebration from employees, as seen in Kiramore’s video, who presumably took the deal.

While it’s unclear where Kiramore worked (she’s been working at the company for less than two months, per a recent video), many users speculated that the employer was Amazon.

“I work at Amazon and a lot of temp people take advantage of that 4k cause they were about to retire anyway,” wrote one user.

“It’s always Amazon and they stay firing people,” offered another.

It’s not certain whether Kiramore actually worked for Amazon. That said, tech industries are currently undergoing massive layoffs. NPR’s Laurel Wamsley wrote, “More than 24,000 tech workers across 72 companies have been laid off this month, adding to a total of 120,000 tech jobs lost this year.”

However, Amazon claims that its layoffs will be limited to its “corporate and technology jobs,” per NPR. Furthermore, while Amazon has acknowledged that it once had a program in place to pay employees “up to $5,000” to quit after its peak seasons, it claimed in January of this year that the program is over.

Still, users on TikTok voiced their opinions about the idea.

“Always take the money when this happens because 2 or 3 weeks later they are probably going to fire you anyway,” said a commenter.

“This is a smart move if you plan on immediately going into another job,” noted a second.

However, some were less positive about the move, citing a potential loss of unemployment benefits.

“That also means you can’t get unemployment if you resign,” explained a commenter. “These jobs know what they’re doing.”

“That means you can never work for them again,” detailed a further TikToker. “I rather make 4K off overtime then to do that.”

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