‘Oh How I Don’t Miss These Days’: Former Domino’s Delivery Driver Says Customer Gave Her A 13-cent Tip

A former Domino’s delivery driver went viral on TikTok after she revealed she only received a 13-cent tip on a $20 order.

The video only features Laina Rose (@lainarose9) as she sits in her car. She tells her 103,000 followers of an incident that just happened the same day regarding a tip.

“I just took a delivery that was $21 and 37 cents,” she says, starting her car. “They gave me $21 and 51 cents.” She buckles her seatbelt and jokes, “Fuck yeah! 13-cent tip!”

According to Laina’s TikTok bio, she no longer works at Domino’s, though she did not share a reason for her departure.

She reinforces this in the caption, writing, “Oh how I don’t miss these days.”

The video has received over 16,000 views as of Tuesday. Several viewers defended the customer’s abysmal tip in the comments.

“That’s cus of that delivery fee the company charges. But they think drivers get it as tip, which is not the case,” one viewer said.

“tip isnt mandatory I worked for pizza hut,” a second wrote.

“Sorry not sorry but I don’t tip your already getting paid min wage where I’m at it’s 15 an hour if anything I’ll tip the cooks who made the food,” a third stated.

Former pizza delivery drivers shared their stories of when they were tipped poorly.

“I hated when they said keep the change on a 1 penny tip. I always threw it in their driveway,” one person shared.

“I had a guy who’s total came to $19.99. He handed me a $20 and said keep the change. I almost went feral,” a second recounted.

“One time I had an order that was 20.51, they gave me $20.50, I never forgot where that house was to this day almost 20 years later,” a third commented.

One person crtiticized Laina for complaining about the tip. “You get paid hourly… tips are for going above and beyond your job… not much more beyond to go then just giving them their pizza,” they wrote.

Laina replied to this comment, clarifying how much she earned as a delivery driver. “Drivers get paid 4.25 on the road homie. No one can make a living off that,” she said.

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