Woman Sends Her Boyfriend A Pic Of Her Hairy Legs To Have A Laugh, Doesn’t Expect He Would Respond By Shaming Her

Social media users have been left stunned after a man shamed his girlfriend after she jokingly sent him a picture of her hairy legs.
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User bonedrymilkers on TikTok decided to embrace her "winter coat" by sending a snap of her unshaven legs to her partner but things did not go smoothly.

What was supposed to be a funny moment between the couple soon turned sour as the boyfriend replied that it was "kinda gross" and "unhygienic for a female," which was an alarming red flag in the woman's eyes.

He also branded her fuzz as a "total turn-off," to which the girlfriend asked if he was "serious" about his comments. The man then responded: "Yeah, talk to me when you shave your legs".

The clip went viral on the video-sharing app, amassing more than 22.3 million views and 2.9 million likes, with many shocked people sharing their comments below.

One user wrote: "Girl thats a red flag."

Another said: "Pls tell me u broke up with him."

A third commented: "[Trash] him….just straight into the outside [garbage], don’t waste your house [trash can] space, straight outside in the [trash can]."

A fourth user shared: "I’m just gonna say 8 words: I could be a better boyfriend than him."

A final commenter penned: "'It’s really unhygienic for a female' as if our hair grows differently lmao."

The woman posted a follow-up video, which garnered 3.4 million views and 412.9K likes, with the boyfriend supposedly claiming that he wasn’t "being serious" with his comments.

The woman defended herself in one message and wrote: "What you said earlier was just stupid, and I know you're not going to like hearing this, but I posted what you said on TikTok and people are agreeing with me."

"It's normal for women to have body hair, and it's not like I said I never shave. I just haven't in a while. That's why I sent you a picture - because I thought it was funny. Your reaction was childish," she added.

However, her partner was still unimpressed and told her he "prefers our legs not to have the same feel" and claimed he couldn't believe people online were siding with her.

The chat seemingly concluded with the boyfriend promising to call her, but the TikTok creator didn’t appear pleased as they seemingly ended on a bitter note. In the end, she tearfully gave a thumbs up to the camera with a caption that read: "Update, we did in fact break up."

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